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Beit Midrash: Zichronot Eliyahu: The Wrong Blessing Print E-mail

Wrong BlessingThe 8th of Tammuz is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Eliyahu Mani of Chevron (1899). An associate of the Ben Ish Hai in Baghdad , Rav Eliyahu moved to Eretz Yisrael and became the Head Rabbi of the jewish community in Chevron and wrote Zichronos Eliyahu.


If one mistakenly recites, “Who creates the fruit of the earth,” over a fruit, rather than, “Who creates the fruit of the tree,” does not have to recite another blessing. What is the law if he has a fruit and a vegetable in front of him, and knows that he must first recite the blessing over the fruit, but mistakenly recites, “Who creates the fruit of the earth;” must he recite another blessing over the vegetable?

If he did not know the law, meaning which is the proper blessing, then he does not have to recite another blessing over the vegetable. However, if he knew the law, and mistakenly recited “Ha’adamah” over the fruit, he must recite a second blessing of Ha’adamah over the vegetable. (Zichronot Eliyahu)

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