Tzafnat Paneach: A Program of Torah Study Print

Halachic RulingsIt is necessary to work very hard at the task in order to understand the Talmud adequately. The student to wishes to study, for example, the Order Nashim, should first study tractate Yevamot with the Rosh and Tosafot. He should then study tractate Kiddushin with these commentaries and repeat all, this time with an attempt to grasp all the legal principles involved. He should proceed to study gittin and Sotah in the same way, then Nedarim and Nazir, then Ketuvot, Bava Metziah, and Bava Batra, all with a determined effort to master the legal principles involved in the Talmudic debates. (Responsum #5)


In another Responsum (#6) on the same subject, he repeats his advice, adding that the Mishnah should be studied with the commentary of the Rambam, “which illuminates the eyes.” The student should then follow the advice of the Rabbis to pray that God would make you successful in his studies.