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Ibn Ezra: The Sun Has Set Print E-mail
Written by Machberes Avodas Hashem   

Ibn EzraThe sun has set,



in the dust gone down.


Black is the heaven, and all its lights obscured.

The folk of earth, from end to end thereof,

Have heard sad tidings and are desolate;

But bitter beyond measure is the grief

Of them who saw him die, and yet live on.

On Lebanon's Cedar has a fire come down

What matters then, how fare the blades of grass!

When death's first born has made the lion his prey,

Will any mark where frightened sheep shall stray?

Alas! The tree has fallen, whose towering branches

The trees of Eden envied. Gentle, mild

As the gazelle, this man; yet in the strife

Of wits among the wise, his piercing word

Could put the lines of debate to flight.

For as a sign and for wonder, had his time

Firmly established in; and thought thereby

To make his merit blot out all her sins.

On the Death of Abu Alfatah ben Zagurah

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