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Rambam: Rabbi Yehudah Hanassi Print E-mail

WritingsCommentary on the Mishna: In the course of time, Rabbeinu HaKadosh arrived on the scene, a personality who was outstanding in his generation and unique in his time; a man of such perfect piety and sterling character, that his contemporaries called him Rabbeinu HaKadosh – Our Holy Teacher.

He was supreme in wisdom and grandeur, to the extent that the Talmud says of him, From Moshe until Rebbi, we do not find Torah scholarship and majesty combined in one person.” (Gittin 59a)

He exemplified piety and humility, and shunned all pleasures of life, as it says, “Since Rebbi died, humility and fear of sin have vanished.” (Sotah 49a)

He expressed himself clearly and surpassed everyone in his command of the holy tongue, to the point that the Sages learned the meaning of Biblical words about which they were in doubt from the way his servants and maids used these words.
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