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Countdown to Pesach 19: A Question Print E-mail

matzahThe Talmud (Berachot 90a) explains Exodus 15:16: “Until Your nation passes through, God – until this people You have acquired passes through” as hinting that the Jews who returned from Babylon with Ezra to rebuild the Temple, were destined to


Countdown to Pesach 20: The Ten Plagues Print E-mail

seder plateThe Ten Plagues were designed “Measure for Measure” to punish the Egyptians.

1) Blood: The Egyptians hoped to hide the shame of their massacre of Jewish babies by drowning them in the Nile where no one would see the bodies

Countdown to Pesach 21: The Bread of Affliction Print E-mail

matzahThe Egyptians enriched themselves by oppressing others. They grew fat on the work and suffering of an enslaved nation. Chametz – Leavened Bread – represents those who enrich themselves at the expense of others. Matzah is the food of those who suffered,
Countdown to Pesach 23: Parsley Karpas2 Print E-mail

MatzahHaving established that the green vegetable symbolizes the enormous fertility and growth of the Children of Israel in Egypt, why do we then take this symbol of fertility and dip it in salt water?
Countdown to Pesach 25: The Reason Not Print E-mail

Seder PlateThe Talmud (Arachin 10b) explains that we do not recite the full Hallel after the first day (s) of Pesach because the Korban Mussaf – Additional Holyday Sacrifice – was the same on each of the following days of Pesach. The Beit Yosef (O’H 414) offers an additional reason:
Countdown to Pesach 26: A Meal of Hallel Print E-mail

matzahWe differentiate between Hallel that is recited as a Minhag – Custom and a Hallel that is recited as a Chiyuv – Obligation. The Hallel of Rosh Chodesh is a custom, (Ta’anit 28b) which is why we may take a break in middle of Hallel
Countdown to Pesach 27: Connections Print E-mail

PesachOur group has made arrangements to share our Korban Pesach – Paschal Offering. One member of the group may add someone, but only to participate in his portion. (Pesachim 89b) The group may only cut
Countdown to Pesach 28: Fast Action Print E-mail

matzah“They are all adulterers, their passions burning like an oven fired by a baker. The Inciter (Evil Inclination) rests from the kneading of the dough until its leavening.” (Hosea 7:4) Even if a person can quiet the Evil Inclination – Yetzer Harah – it will only rest
Countdown to Pesach 29: Hiding From God Print E-mail

seder plate“It will be at that time that I will search Jerusalem with candles and I will deal with the men who are settled on their lees, who say in their heart, Hashem will not good, and will not do evil.” (Zephaniah 1:12)
Countdown to Pesach 30 Print E-mail

matzaWe begin to study the laws of Pesach 30 days before the holiday.

Hiding The Afikoman

It is said in the name of the Brisker Rav,

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