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Succot Hallel: Paragraph One Print E-mail

HallelAt which point did the Children of Israel recite Hallel? When the plague of the Slaying of the First Born began, Pharaoh went and knocked on the door of Moshe and Aaron’s house. Pharaoh wanted Israel to leave immediately,
Succot Hallel Paragraph Two.1 Print E-mail

Hallel“The Sea saw it and ran away. The Jordan River reversed course.” All the water in the world split as Israel entered the Sea. The Sefer HaChaim (Introduction) explains that had only the Red Sea split, people would have said
Succot Hallel Paragraph Two.2 Print E-mail

Hallel“Who turned the rock into a pool of water.” Manna, our bread that is usually produced from the earth’s harvest, fell from the heavens. Water, which usually falls from the heavens, came from the earth, a rock. God reversed
Succot Hallel Paragraph Three Print E-mail

HallelThis is the paragraph of Trusters, or people who are Botchim. This paragraph celebrates our conviction that God will take care of our needs, and guide us toward perfecting our souls.
Succot Hallel Paragraph Four Print E-mail

Hallel“God remembered us and will bless – Bless the ‘House’ of Israel – Bless the ‘House’ of Aaron.” This paragraph has special resonance on Succot when we change “Houses.” We made a statement when we moved out
Succot Hallel Paragraph Five Print E-mail

HallelRaba lectured, What means, “I love that the Lord should hear [my voice and my supplications]”? The congregation of Israel said: “Sovereign of the Universe! When am I loved by You? When You hear the voice of my supplications.” (Pesachim 118b)
Succot Hallel Paragraph Six Print E-mail

Hallel“What can I respond to God for all the good He has given to make me independent?”
There is a difference between one person who receives a favor, and a group that has received a similar blessing or gift:
Succot Hallel Paragraph Seven Print E-mail

Hallel“All you nations; Praise God!
Sing compliments, all you peoples!
For His kindness overpowers us,
Succot Hallel Paragraph Eight Print E-mail

Hallel“I called to the Creator of Heaven and Earth from a tight spot, and He answered me broadly. God is with me, I have no fear; what can people do to me? God is with me to help me, so I can confront my enemies.”
Four Species Hallel Paragraph Two Print E-mail

Hallel“Who turned the rock into a pool of water. Pebbles into a source of water.” God uses His creation at will to do as He wishes. The Midrash teaches that God made a condition with each creation before it assumed its form, to serve
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