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Shekalim: King David’s Counting and What Followed: Getting the Message Print E-mail

Bible Studies“If it be God that has stirred you up against me, let Him accept an offering (I Samuel 26:19)” R. Eleazar said: Said the Holy One, Blessed is He, to David: “You call Me a ‘stirrer-up’. Behold, I will make you stumble over a thing which
Shekalim: King David’s Counting and What Followed - The Text Print E-mail

Bible StudyAlthough this chapter, the conclusion of the Second Book of Samuel, is not the Haftarah, its story and message are important for Shekalim. Here is the text:
Haftarah Shekalim: The People's Home Print E-mail

NaviKings II 11:17 – 12:17


The once great and mighty house of King David had fallen. In a foolishly calculated political

Shekalim-7: The Half Shekel of Siamese Twins Print E-mail

ShekelThe Half Shekel From the Perspective of Chang and Eng Bunker (1811-1874), the original "Siamese Twins"

"Chang and Eng ... never really needed [showman P.T.] Barnum at all. [They] had been born near Bangkok, Siam, in 1811,

Shekalim: Rav Aharon Karliner Print E-mail
Written by Machberes Avodas Hashem   

shekelOn the first of Adar, the Holy Court would make announcements regarding the giving of the Half-Shekel and regarding Kilayim (the prohibition to mix seeds). What is the connection

Shekalim 6: The Throne of God Print E-mail

ShekelThe Midrash Tanchuma teaches us that God showed Moses a coin of fire situated beneath His throne. It appears strange that God did not simply inform Moses of the weight of the coin
Shekalim: Rav Chaim Vital Print E-mail
Written by Machberes Avodas Hashem   

shekelAt the sin of the Golden Calf, Israel lapsed only in thought; the action part of the sin was done by the "erev rav", the mixed multitude. Thought without act is considered half a deed, therefore,

Shekalim 5 : Divisions Print E-mail

ShekelThe mystical dimension of the atonement by means of a “half” shekel was to parallel the attempt to divide between what the people had seen – the fire of Sinai – and what they heard
Shekalim 4: The Dichotomy of Being Human Print E-mail

ShekelThe reason the Torah stipulated a Half Shekel when the Torah just as easily could have demanded a whole Shekel was to hint to every intelligent person that he must weigh his actions
Shekalim 3: The Partnership Print E-mail

Shekel“My soul said, ‘God is my portion.’” (Lamentations 3:24) It is natural for something to desire to reconnect to its source. God says in response to the soul, “They desire Me so much
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